Lotti presents the lighting in its most assorted forms: the light decoration, Christmas and the products for illuminating the garden and the house. It ranges from a warm light of traditional Christmas style to the newest trends of decoration for parties and events throughout all the year. The solid reputation, built up with reliability, professionalism and knowledge places Lotti to the peak of the Italian market and makes it a point of reference about safety and quality.


Lotti researches and creates something new: in the forms, in the colors and in the light e ects, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.
The product range, in constant development, is the result of a precise selection of materials, continuous research of new technical solutions and detailed design study.
A great dedication has been applied to the design of reduced environmental impact products, which o er at the same time pleasure and eco-sustainability thanks to LED technology and recyclable materials.

Product range

Lotti’s huge range of Christmas light decorations is signed by Xmas King, which is not only a brand famous for its safety and quality, but also renowned and widespread in Italy and Europe. Near this, Lotti presents its new brand EX Best Value: a brand which has been studied to meet the wishes of users with a tight budget but still looking for safe, quality lighting decorations.


Particular attention is given to the realisation of the products packaging. A full-time specialized team works to the functionality and to the style of the packaging.
The parameters of aesthetic re nement, clarity of information and use simplicity are the recognition sign of Lotti’s packaging. The modular packaging design is planned to simplify the storage and the exposition of products in the selling points.
Furthermore, Lotti o ers di erent solutions for each expositive demand: table displays, oor displays, pallboxes which can be modulated and have functioning product displays. It moreover realises expositive personalised packaging and solutions depending on the graphic and commercial demands of each customer.


Lotti directly manages its own logistic services. Through an integrated process, supported by a 13.000 m2 warehouse and by a state-of-the-art software, it ensures the greatest rapidity in the operations of collection, packaging and shipping. The product range is available for deliveries until the end of the season.